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Changjiang Hu: Under the Ruling of CCP’s Chinese F
Date: 7/1/2006 9:05:51 AM Sender: Changjiang Hu

                                  Changjiang Hu: Under the Ruling of CCP’s Chinese Farmers

      In Communist China, the farmers always live in a miserable situation and suffer everyday. We should bravely stand out and expose the Communist Party’s exploitation over masses of Chinese farmers.
      First, power abuse will aggravate farmer’s burden. This is showed in excessive charge and arbitrary fund distributions. Indeed, China’s countries and towns have universal financial problems. But there is no excuse to squeeze the farmers who may even don’t  have enough food for themselves.
      The second issue is China’s labor work problem. Besides the military service, the labor work burden on Chinese farmers’ shoulders includes two aspects, one is imposed illegally. With the period of “the great leap forward” of various projects, a considerable number of farmers died due to the heavy and intense duty labor work.
The other one is a reformed new duty labor work. It has two categories, one is still a “duty labor work” and the other is “accumulative labor work”.

      Thirdly, the trading freedom of the farmers had been deprived. The reason for this is that China passed the system of “ state monopoly for purchase and marketing” has eliminated the market of agricultural products. The control over the food market causes an artificial storage and political corruption. As the country takes over the food market and collects the grains from farmers at a price which is much lower than the market price, it depreciates the value of labor work. And the lack of market puts many farmers into bankruptcy and makes them have a difficult time to get rid of poverty.

      Furthermore, the system of residence registration makes Chinese farmers’ situation even worse. The disappearance of trade, speech and association freedom is a common problem faced by all of Chinese residence. But what makes the farmers’ situation even tougher is that they completely lose the right to migrate. The system of residence registration makes people recall the Middle Ages, some European countries separate Jew by enclosing them into a certain district. This is really an evil system.

Changjiang Hu

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