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Protest Europe Communication Satellite Company Ter
Date: 7/1/2006 9:07:54 AM Sender: Changjiang Hu

               Protest Europe Communication Satellite Company Terminating the Agreement with New Tang Ren
                                                        Changjiang Hu

     One year ago, a independent Chinese television channel without lock yard and examination was founded and exclusively opened to China. This was considered a historical free window opened above the sky of tyranny. Also, the European communication satellite company won its reputation by signing this kind of contract with New Tang Ren TV station. Nevertheless, when people just began to cerebrate what the true world and free information would bring about to the 10 hundred millions thirty people, the European communication satellite company compromised with Chinese government under their pressure and decided to close this precious window, and stop extending their contract with New Tan Ren. The spokesperson of ECSC explained to the media that the decision is based on a market commercial consideration, and they have no control over the contents of the program. They especially emphasized that the reason of this decision is not the pressure from the Chinese government. Yet, it seems unreasonable to discontinue a new contract with New Tan Ren which doesn’t violate any program content. And not long from that, the ECSC signed up a new contract with the TV station belonged to Chinese government. Obviously, the ECSC had received a big contract package. To bend over under the pressure of the CCP and let it to control the TV contents of ECSC is not any more a commercial behavior.

     The ECSC had completely violated their own commercial principle and international protocol of “fair opportunity, non discrimination and free information circulation.” Western media had worked to break the blockade, but whether free Asian radio station, the Voice of America, BBC, or CNN all failed to do that. The CCP still keep its subject from knowing the outside world. The New Tan Ren TV station at the first time directly transmits the unfiltered information to the Chinese people. The various programs include European Union for China’s policy, the American president debate of general election, condition of China’s human rights, the economic development and corruption, and the Chinese traditional culture. The discussion of the 23rd regulation and the truth of SARS; the news of Zhao Zi Yang’s death; and especially the recent report for the 9 CCP comment and the withdraw from CCP, exasperated the CCP regime.

Changjiang Hu

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