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Get Addicted To Gambling: The Chinese Officials
Date: 7/3/2006 10:54:22 AM Sender: Changjiang Hu

                                        Get Addicted To Gambling: The Chinese Officials
                                                         By Changjiang Hu

     The officials of the CCP are addicted to gambling and corrupt. Those phenomena are  common these days because of a " party dictatorship " system.  
     There’s a strong relation between gambling and corruption for the CCP officials. In other words, corruption causes gambling, which is a civilian entertainment crept into the officialdom. The officialdom of the CCP is prevailing to “play work card,” which is the lower officials using gambling as way to get close and bribe their leaders in order to get promoted . Playing card to get close and bribe the higher officers now is considered a homework for most governmental officials. Furthermore, playing cards is also a way to build relationships. For example, if some citizen wants the governmental officials’ help, they can get close and bribe those officials through gambling. This kind of gambling makes the bribe much hard to detect. Compared to the open power and money trade, this way reduces the evidence of bribe.

     If we think corruption is the reason of spreading gambling, then on the other hand, gambling also deepens the corruption. Gambling not only encourages the behaviors of bribery, it also encourages the defalcation. Because the money for capital are normally comes from defalcation, so the more capital officials had, the bigger defalcation they did.

     The officials of the CCP are addicted to gambling. This is the result of malfeasance , and it is also an actual malfeasance. The officialdom of CCP is overstaffing, and inefficient. The officials who get the payments from the taxpayer’s blood and sweat money usually have nothing to do for their work. It is not exaggerating, the fact is that CCP officials’ moral level and the spirit of dedication is probably the worst among the world governmental officials. As refer to the propaganda of CCP officials who are “work around all day and deal with multiple tasks,” it is only a discussing lie. To say it more directly, they are busy all day not for their work, but for eating and gambling. Those idle officials not only use their work time to gamble, but also use their own office to gamble without any worries.

     China’s corruption is now a structural corruption. Only through political system reform will the gambling and corruption be restricted. In the end of 1980s, Zhao Zi Yang has pushed the political system reform to a effective way. But due to the event of “6.4,” the reform failed. Afterwards, China has passed the Jiang Zemin era and enters into Hu Jingtao era today. But now we still cannot sense any hope for the political system reform.

Changjiang Hu

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