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Justice Will Not Come By Itself
Date: 7/3/2006 10:55:42 AM Sender: Haichen Wang

                                                Justice Will Not Come By Itself
                                                       By: Haichen Wang

The political system China has today is to centralize the power on one power group, which is positioned on the top of the power pyramid system—CCP. Under such a political system, the CCP will have the power to make constitution, pass legislation, control judicature, implement administration, form the government, collect tariff, monopolize resources, and name and sell governmental official positions. Their power has no bound, no restriction; they can do anything they like: the media become their spokesperson; courts and supervising institutions should obey to them; the army and police are also become their tools for tyrannical ruling.

The political system CCP implement now is a “the strong rules all” system. This is a extremely unfair system. Under such kind of system, it is very hard to protect the citizen’s rights. Their property can be expropriated, their freedom can be infringed, their lives can be threatened by the barbarism, and justice’s value is diluted and hard to discern. We should remember that justice will not come by itself, all the rights come when we strive for them. Oppressing will raise rebellion; deteriorating rights will raise defense. We must change the unfair political system and structure. Otherwise, we will never have justice.

Haichen Wang

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