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The Blood and Tears of China’s Farmer
Date: 7/3/2006 10:57:44 AM Sender: CDP

                                             The Blood and Tears of China’s Farmer
                                                        By: Haichen Wang

     If China there exists a industry that the workers should pay their blood and sweat to get their earnings, and the process of asking for the deserved money back may fit into this category, which is bloody and dangerous. For example, there was one worker spent six years to try to get his 20 thousand overdue Renminbi( which is around 2,500 dollars) payment back. At last, he took the resort to the court and won the case, but the debtor still claimed that they won’t give any even if they had money. And the court also claimed that “they don’t have any effective method to implement it.”

     In recent several years, many farmers tried to get back their deserved salary but were beaten and injured by their bosses, who hire gangsters to hit their employees with steel stick,

     water pipe, ax and hammer. In China, hard workers hang themselves, jump off the building, jump into the water, or lie on the train track everyday because they cannot get their salary back. Ironically, according to CCP’s law of security, workers can only commit suicide in a obscure corner, but not do it in the public place. One will be punished for the behavior because it will deteriorate the country’s “stability.” What kind of government is this? This is a tyrannical and flagitious government.

Haichen Wang

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