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Let Every Chinese remember the darkness “Culture R
Date: 7/3/2006 11:07:09 AM Sender: Shuangping Wang

                                  Let Every Chinese remember the darkness “Culture Revolution”
                                                      By: Shuangping Wang

     At the middle of last century.  The Chinese leader Zedong Mao initiated the “Culture Revolution”.  It was made for Chinese citizens die an unnatural countless.  But the official of China still not give a fair and comprehensive summarize even government call it was“Ten Years Catastrophe ”
     The Chinese all knew how to sing a song about “Chairman Mao Quotation” that who go through that time.  Appeared a lot of “Red Guarder Revolution Community” in China When Zedong Mao had a order.  They broken old concept and made new one.  Overthrow the people who still don’t want to change.  They also beat down local government and set up the revolution council.  Many citizens became the capitalism and loss freedom. Those people had cruel abused and exinanition. Some of them die in that time and some others suicide because they can’t live under the high pressure。
      Zedong Mao also build a Center Culture Revolution Leader Group.  Many people lost their life in that ten years. They broken and put away Chinese tradition culture.  The intellectual face sweep on the floor.  Chinese generation must never forget this darkness.

By: Shuangping Wang

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