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Xiaoguang Wang: View the Future of China’s Democra
Date: 7/7/2006 10:07:45 AM Sender: Xiaoguang Wang

                        Xiaoguang Wang: View the Future of China’s Democracy Through the Event of 6.4

     The Event of 6.4 was a movement which launched by China’s intelligentsia for democracy and freedom. The significance of this movement, of course, is undeniable. The students requested to punish corruption, end lifetime tenure, and advocate democracy. Those problems do not only exist in the past but some of them are still the issues of China’s society today. The Event of 6.4’s positive impact is that it urges people, including the political leading group to reconsider the right way for China’s growth, development and future.

     After 17 years of 6.4 Event, China should never stop thinking and analyzing her history and wrongdoings; focuses on rapid and consistent growth to strengthen the national power. Only through this way, the Chinese people can control their own fate and have the power to choose their own way to develop. This is the true meaning of democracy for China.

Xiaoguang Wang

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