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Chengji Deng:Corruption Is the Culprit for China’s
Date: 7/7/2006 10:17:11 AM Sender: Chengji Deng

                               Chengji Deng:Corruption Is the Culprit for China’s Economic Gap

     According to China’s development plan, Chinese government chose a policy to give partial people and region in China a priority to become wealthy. The initial purpose for this policy supposes that the people who choose to create their wealth by their hard working and witness, but not by speculating, corrupting, bribing, and blackmailing; or even worse, by imposing the bitterness and sacrificing China’s grass-roots to achieve their richness. Nevertheless, the economic gap between rich and poor in China nowadays almost brings people back to the era before the CCP had taken over of the country.

     The increasing of the economic gap between rich and poor; the dirty deal of money and official position between the corrupted governmental officers and big corporation’s bosses; the increasing tend of using public money to dinning, entertaining, going whoring and gambling; the unprecedented corruption of CCP; and the tyrannical ruling has arose the increasing attention from all the conscientious countries in the world. The policy the CCP pursues is social public ownership. And the country has just put herself on the track of market economy which is mainly based on the public ownership. Yet, the existing huge economic gap is unreasonable according to such a public ownership policy. If the reason is not for the CCP’s corruption, what else would it be? In conclusion, the main culprit behind the economic gap is corruption. If the Chinese government is determined to reduce the economic gap, it should first punish and eliminate corruption.

Chenji Deng

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