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Qingming Song: Reigning Only By One Party Is the O
Date: 7/7/2006 10:57:57 AM Sender: Qingming Song

                                 Qingming Song: Reigning Only By One Party Is the Origin of Evil

     The CCP’s one-party ruling, is the origin of the underdevelopment, darkness, degeneration and evil in today’s China. The aim for China’s political reform, must target at eliminating the CCP’s one-party ruling; must abolish CCP’s prerogative above Constitution and laws. This aim should be very clear and without any vagueness. It depends on the public pressure and CCP’s tussle within itself when referring to the concrete route and steps for the reform. Without strong public pressure that is able to threat the CCP, any political reform is unrealistic.

    In recently years, actions against the invested interest group of the CCP’s forcedly imposed taxes and deprivation happens more frequently with bigger scales. It’s not unusual to see thousands, ten thousand or even more than 100 thousand people confronted the official police officers. And the government uses force to bloodily suppress its citizen more frequently. Every bloody events demonstrates that the people who represent the benefit of the invested interest group in CCP, will confront the Chinese people soon with a speed like a burning fire on the brushwood in China.

Qingming Song

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