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Qingming Song: Don’t Be a Dictator Forever
Date: 7/7/2006 11:00:09 AM Sender: Qingming Song

                                          Qingming Song: Don’t Be a Dictator Forever

     Tyranny and democracy are opposite to each other. According to China’s situation, the CCP must bravely break from its tyrannical system, and launch a political system reform. The highest-ranking of the CCP officials must have the thought of “I am the last dictator” to launch this political reform. It is relatively the lowest price China’ society will pay to conduct this political reform with the concept of “the last dictator.” If the CCP wants “to be the dictator forever,” wants to do the things that only benefit themselves and conducts a reform without sincerity, revolution will happen for sure. In that case, China’s society should pay a tremendous price, and it will even delay the development of China’s society. I hope the CCP doesn’t choose to be the “forever dictator.”

Qingming Song

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