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Wei Chen: The Money from China’s Tax Payers Are Mi
Date: 7/7/2006 11:01:24 AM Sender: Wei Chen

                        Wei Chen: The Money from China’s Tax Payers Are Misused by Governmental Officers

     Craving for greatness and success, pursuing modern style is a big favor for the CCP’s officials. But it’s also obvious for their vicious purpose. Only by renovating the projects can they gain a huge benefit from them.

     China’s big or small cities then are launched constructions for their renovation. Luxury decorations for the cities consume a large amount of labor force and fund. For example, new governmental officers decided the road lights, which were renewed only several years ago, are too old and should be changed. A cloverleaf junction, which was considered a “beautiful scene for the city,” was reconstructed to a “turntable junction square” after the officials’ traveling in foreign country. The columns which were initially constructed with concrete at the roadside, were also changed to ceramic tile. Sensing the granites is popular, they updated the tile to granites with a whim again. Some commercial streets which had been reconstructed several years before are announced an old style by the “do as one wants” officials who learned some “paradigm” form other countries. Thus, they ordered to rebuild again. This situation happens to many big or small cities. The large amount of taxpayer’s money is misued by the governmental officials again and again.

Wei Chen

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