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[B]Commemorating Hu Yaobang, vindicating June 4 injustice[/B]

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EventsandActions 发表人 Date
China Closes Companies for Unsafe Exports VOA 2007-7-20
Chinas future discussed in secret BBC 2007-7-18
China Linked to Panama Cough Syrup Poisoning Death VOA 2007-7-17
Convictions in China slave trial BBC 2007-7-17
VOA: Zhu, YuFu sentenced, will appeal VOA 2007-7-13
HK launches democracy proposals BBC 2007-7-12
Chinese Authorities Close Tibetan Literary Web Sit RFA 2007-7-11
Uyghur Girls Forced Into Labor Far From Home By Lo RFA 2007-7-11
Urgent Notice: China Democracy Party World Union ( CDP 2007-7-9
Welcome Liu, JiaYi Joining China Democracy People CDP 2007-7-9
CDPWU First Edition: (Pictures) An Ordinary Family CDP 2007-7-9
America Citizens in CTWHS Complaints Chinese judic TianWang 2007-7-7
Los Angeles, Shanghai Labor Federations Form Partn Mike OSullivan 2007-7-7
China Confiscates Muslims Passports CDP 2007-7-7
CDPWU held rally [Protesting against CCP Interrupt CDP 2007-7-5
Chinese slave labour trial begins BBC 2007-7-5
CDPWU invited to the rally of [Support 23 million CDP 2007-7-3
China strikers [beaten by thugs] BBC 2007-7-2
US halts Chinese seafood imports BBC 2007-6-29
America Citizens in CTWHS Complaints Chinese judic CTWHS 2007-6-28
Calling for the Attention of the International Soc Wei Jingsheng Foundation 2007-6-27
Chinese activist [beaten in jail] BBC 2007-6-23
Who Will Save Our Children? The Wei Jingsheng Foundation 2007-6-22
Chinas first petition a chief mediator to be punis TianWang 2007-6-15
President Bush praises Rebiya Kadeer as a human ri Press Releases 2007-6-14
Olympic firm admits child labour BBC 2007-6-14
Call to tame Chinas tiger farms BBC 2007-6-14
China factory output accelerates BBC 2007-6-14
Mass rescue of slaves in China BBC 2007-6-14
China censors cut Pirates film BBC 2007-6-12
Chinese hospitals used fake drips BBC 2007-6-11
China Olympic abuse claims probed BBC 2007-6-11
Video: Commemoration of June 4th 1989 CDP 2007-6-10
New twist in Danones China row BBC 2007-6-9
China death penalty verdicts drop BBC 2007-6-9
6.4 Heroic Mother never shut up never waiver CTHRS 2007-6-8
Epoch Times New York Reports: New York Democratic CDP 2007-6-7
Bleak future for Beijings heritage BBC News 2007-6-1
Violent Protests over Chinas One-Child Policy Resu VOA 2007-6-1
Journalist with news website Boxun arrested Reporters Without Borders 2007-5-31
Chinas drastic solution to drugs scandal BBC News 2007-5-31
CHINA Access to Reporters Without Borders site blo CDP 2007-5-31
BeiJing Spring Edition of June 2007 No. 169: Reali CDP 2007-5-31
Buyers line up for China arms BBC 2007-5-30
<Text protest> blocks China plant BBC 2007-5-30
Hunan 300 police successfully seized the body farm CDP 2007-5-26
Chinese Leader Admitted for First Time Regime is F Luo Bing 2007-5-25
Cadres use pregnancy check to oppress single wome TianWang 2007-5-25
Amnesty International Report 2007 Amnesty International 2007-5-24
China misses key opportunity on human rights FIDH 2007-5-24
China: The 2008 Olympics as a Major Activist Inroa Western Sources 2007-5-24
Ningbo City students began yesterday in front of t 64Tianwang 2007-5-23
CDPWU Chairman Wang Jun reply Ding ZiLin(mother of CDP 2007-5-23
China first appointment the leader of public opin TianWang 2007-5-21
China <to punish> two-child rich TianWang 2007-5-21
Chinas child fines [spark riot] BBC 2007-5-21
Some US Unions End Boycott ff China State-Run Labo VOA 2007-5-21
Gunmen Kill 7 in Attack on Minibus in Iraq VOA 2007-5-21
China balancing act over Darfur BBC 2007-5-18
Olympic boycott calls will fail BBC 2007-5-18
Mother offered in internet swap BBC 2007-5-18
South Koreas reconciliation gamble BBC News 2007-5-18
Mo Jufeng was forced to perform Vasectomy boxun 2007-5-16
Police recorded statements from forcing children Huang Qi 2007-5-15
Let us Build this Invisible Web of Human Rights an Ciping HUANG 2007-5-14
CDPWU donates to aid Wang Sen & his Family CDP 2007-5-12
86 Year old Senior resists forced eviction CDP 2007-5-11
Amnesty Report: Russia, China Violate Darfur Arms VOA 2007-5-9
China Struggles to Provide Basic Health Care to Ru VOA 2007-5-9
Hubei petitioners arrive in China Tianwang Centre 64Tianwang 2007-5-7
Living Without Freedom: The Cultural Revolution an CDP 2007-5-7
Urgent Notice: Issues Regarding Processing Letters CDP 2007-5-4
Seven detained Hubei workers began a hunger strike Skynet 2007-5-3
Chinese Oil Workers Return to China After Abductio VOA 2007-5-3
Amnesty International Says China Repression Worsen Luis Ramirez 2007-5-2
Special Report : Strongly protest against CCP CDP 2007-5-2
First Issue of Exploration -- A bit of indelible m Liu Jingsheng 2007-4-30
Video: Parade & Meeting of supporting 12 million p CDP 2007-4-28
Video: 70th Anniversary of Anti-Japanese War Memor CDP 2007-4-28
Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin Laid to Res VOA 2007-4-28
US Activists Detained for Tibetan Protest Say They VOA 2007-4-28
Headline: Villagers convicted in land row will app NanHua Morning News 2007-4-28
Ex soldiers, forced to beg, demand jobs. Beijing i CDP 2007-4-27
CDPWU: Strongly Condemn HanZhou police CDP 2007-4-26
CDPWU joined [the 70th Anniversary of Anti-Japanes CDP 2007-4-25
Welcome Free: Dr. Yang, JianLi CDP 2007-4-25
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