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[B]Commemorating Hu Yaobang, vindicating June 4 injustice[/B]

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EventsandActions 发表人 Date
Early Days of the Democracy Wall Liu Jingsheng 2007-4-23
Uyghur Canadian sentenced to life UHRP 2007-4-20
CDPWU demands CCP to release Ablikim Abdureyim CDP 2007-4-19
Nationalization of the army CDP 2007-4-17
1st Edition: In search of justice CDP 2007-4-14
CDPWU joined protest rally CDP 2007-4-10
Strongly Condemn CCP CDP 2007-4-5
China Democratic Party Member Chi Jianwei Jailed CDP 2007-4-5
CDPWU held Rally “Firmly support Chinese Human Rig CDP 2007-4-4
Photos of navy recruitment on the street in Americ CDP 2007-3-30
Wang Jun Wishes China CDP Members & Human Rights A CDP 2007-3-27
New book release “Tiger” held at Flushing Overseas CDP 2007-3-27
CDPWU Co-Organize the Conference of “2007 to 2008 CDP 2007-3-22
CDPWU Attended the 3rd Int’l China-Tibet Dialogue CDP 2007-3-14
CDP Members Held A Rally in Flushing, NY “Strongly CDP 2007-3-9
CDPWU Joining In Wei Wu Er’s Rally In Protest Agai CDP 2007-2-8
CDPWU Assembled In Front of UN Headquarter Launchi CDP 2007-1-31
China Democracy Party World Union Held a Donation Activity to Help a China Democ... CDP 2007-1-30
CDPWU Assembled to Demand CCP’s Immediate Release CDP 2007-1-26
Text of President Bush’s State of the Union Addres By VOA News 2007-1-24
China Democracy Party World Union Held a Donation Activity to Help a China Democ... CDP 2007-1-23
CDPWU report: Return My House! Return My Human Rig CDP 2007-1-17
CDPWU Held Rally in front of China Consulate in New York: “Donation to Support C... CDP 2007-1-12
CDPWU Held Rally in front of China Consulate in New York“Donation to Support CDP... CDP 2007-1-8
China Democracy Party World Union Members Attend T CDP 2007-1-2
CDPWU Attending a Rally “Immediately Release Dissi CDP 2006-12-21
CDPWU Holding a Rally “Donate to Aid Persecuted Hu CDP 2006-12-21
CDPWU Holding a Rally “Strongly Protest CCP Arrest CDP 2006-12-9
CDPWU Attending “Global Strategy and Inner Crisis CDP 2006-11-17
China Democracy Party World Union Members Donated Money to Help Chinese Activist... CDP 2006-11-15
CDPWU Attending a Grand Rally “Support 15 Million CDP 2006-11-8
CDPWU Holding a Rally “Support China Communist Off CDP 2006-11-2
CDPWU Held Seminar on “Dissolve China Communist Pa CDP 2006-11-2
Dissolve China Communist ‘Party Culture’ and Creat CDP 2006-11-1
CDPWU Holding a Rally “Strongly Appeal CCP to Imme CDP 2006-10-27
CDPWU Participating in Sponsoring Review The Year CDP 2006-10-13
Wang, Jun, chairman of CDPWU attending “Overseas C CDP 2006-10-11
CDPWU Attending “Future China Democracy Transforma CDP 2006-10-11
CDPWU Holding a Grand Rally“Study Gao, Zhisheng, T CDP 2006-10-6
Wang, Jun, Chairman of CDPWU Was Invited to Attend CDP 2006-9-29
CDPWU Attending Seminar “Mao, Zedong and Contempor CDP 2006-9-21
CDPWU Attending Mr. Situ, Hua’s Speech Conference CDP 2006-9-13
Media serially reported CDPWU participating in res CDP 2006-9-8
Learn from the spirit of Gao, zhichen, Look at the CDP 2006-9-5
Learn Gao, Zhisheng Spirit, Learn from Gao, Zhisheng CDP 2006-9-5
The CDPWU celebrated full month cocktail party for CDP 2006-9-2
Picture Shows: 《Sound of the Hope》sponsors “the ma CDP 2006-9-2
The CDPWU holds a protesting rally《claiming the CC CDP 2006-8-22
Some members of CDPWU and the members of FALUNGONG CDP 2006-8-22
The president of CDPWU JUN WANG take part in the r CDP 2006-8-22
CDPWU holds gathering of“Chinese troop must be nat CDP 2006-8-2
Lecture of democratic concept sponsored by CDPWYU CDP 2006-7-27
World Union attended the gathering of buoying up 1 CDP 2006-7-22
World Union strongly condemns CCP for barbarously CDP 2006-7-22
Democratic Idea CDP 2006-7-10
Chinese Citizen Want Attend & Disputation Polity CDP 2006-7-10
China Democracy Party World Union Participated in CDP 2006-6-24
Respect Chinese benefit and basic human right CDP 2006-6-22
“World Journal”reported CDPWU’s activities on reme CDP 2006-6-6
Xu Wanping Sentenced 12 Years on the Eve of Christ CDP 2006-5-31
Wang Jun, chairman of China Democracy Party World CDP 2006-5-30
Call for Rescue of Wanping Xu CDP 2006-5-30
CDPWU attended the big rally and march in support CDP 2006-5-19
CDPWU members participated in democracy idea study CDP 2006-5-6
CDPWU Chairman: Jun Wang met with Mr. Decheng Lu i CDP 2006-5-2
CDPWU Protested before the North Lawn, White House CDP 2006-4-21
Announcement on the Opening of the English Website CDP 2006-4-19
CDPWU Chairman: Jun Wang sent out warm greetings t CDP 2006-4-18
Protested the Removal of the political dissident: CDP 2006-4-18
CDPWU Warmly Congratulates Mr. Decheng Lu on his W CDP 2006-4-18
Asked CCP to Release Dr. Bingzhang Wang” CDP 2006-4-8
Protest the Arrest of Dissident: Lin Zhang by the CDP 2006-3-31
CDPWU Chairman: Jun Wang, with former President Cl CDP 2006-3-30
CDPWU Participated in the Gathering for Supporting CDP 2006-3-28
CDP Chairman: Jun Wang, with former Pr. CDP 2006-3-27
CDPWU Dispersed Democratic-Idea Flyers in Mainland CDP 2006-3-18
China Democracy Party World Union Stage Protests t CDP 2006-3-14
The Activity for Supporting“Global Synchronous Hun CDP 2006-3-13
Groups Involved in “Global Synchronous Hunger Stri CDP 2006-3-11
The Southeast Branch of CDPWU Held Seminar CDP 2006-3-10
The anti-communist magazine “Beijing Spring” repor CDP 2006-3-10
Part of Suffering Domestic Families of CDPWU Membe CDP 2006-3-10
CDPWU “Strongly Demand CCP to Release All the Diss CDP 2006-3-10
CDPWU Participated in the Epoch Times’ Gathering i CDP 2006-3-10
China Democracy Party World Union members sent their new year greetings to China... CDP 2006-2-2
Protest the Detention of Dissident ZL by China Gov CDP 2005-4-6
President Writes Letter to Mr.Wang Jun, Chairman CDP 2004-12-19
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