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Li, Shigang: CPC 600 officials were punished because of environmental problems
Date: 9/11/2016 3:01:50 PM Sender: Li, Shigang
Li, Shigang: CPC 600 officials were punished because of environmental problems

李世刚(Li, Shigang)
With the Chinese people's awareness of environmental protection gradually strengthen, more and more people to actively report destruction of the environment, forcing Chinese authorities to strengthen the punishment for lax enforcement of environmental protection for officials, according to the Chinese mainland official statistics, in recent years because of environmental problems by party and government discipline and officials, has more than 600.
Wherein some of the more prominent city officials in Guangxi, involving approval in the nature reserve illegal construction of hydroelectric dams were dismissed, some of the county officials in Yunnan, the villagers because of indulgence in scenic spots construction of quarries and illegal under review, further there are a number of local officials in Jiangxi Province, and also allow local companies because of long-term damage to the environment and to be accountable.
However, despite the increased punishment to the CPC, the Chinese mainland's environmental degradation has not been significantly improved, which is the main reason for the economic interests of local governments while ignoring environmental protection, one-sided pursuit of value at the expense of the environment, environmental regulations for superiors and double face, tried way to escape punishment, the result is caused by the environment is getting worse.
And government officials and all the people should have a sense of environmental protection, China's environment in order to completely control.

Li, Shigang
September 11, 2016

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