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Wu, Biqiong: The White Paper on Judicial Human Rights of the CCP is a lie
Date: 10/10/2016 6:53:01 PM Sender: Wu, Biqiong
Wu, Biqiong: The White Paper on Judicial Human Rights of the CCP is a lie

吴碧琼(Wu, Biqiong)
Recently, the Chinese government issued a white paper titled "New Progress in the Field of Human Rights Protection in the Field of Judicial Administration", which stated that in recent years, China's judicial system reform has been deepened, judicial transparency and transparency have been vigorously promoted; and great progress has been made in correcting miscarriages and miscarriages, lawyers' legal rights and legal rights of detainees. Have been effectively protected.
However, the reality is exactly the opposite of what is depicted in the white paper.
Many lawyers have been sentenced to heavy sentences and subjected to long-term imprisonment, or even to their wives and children, resulting in the death of his wife and children. In addition, the Chinese lawyers have been severely punished for their rights to practice, and in recent years there have been large-scale and large-scale arrests of human rights lawyers. Scattered.
While the legal rights of detainees are protected is a public lie.
The Code of Criminal Procedure provides that detainees have the right to be interviewed, the right to be sued and the right to communicate with their families. However, in recent years, no detainee in China has the right to be protected in this respect.
This proves that in an authoritarian system, the authorities talk about judicial human rights and justice is entirely a fraud.

Wu, Biqiong
October 10, 2016

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