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Sun, Zhude: Environmental protection is good for mankind
Date: 2/27/2018 2:19:11 PM Sender: Sun, Zhude
Sun, Zhude: Environmental protection is good for mankind

孙祝德(Sun, Zhude)
The deterioration of the global environment has aroused widespread concern. As a result, environmental protection has been increasingly valued by all countries. However, since environmental protection may, to some extent, have conflicts with economic development and social issues that are more difficult to coordinate with each other, understanding of the concept of environmental protection is also becoming more and more innovative and reasonable.
Environmental protection means protecting the environment of human existence from pollution and destruction by taking various administrative, legal, economic and scientific and technological measures. It also protects and improves the environment according to the wishes of mankind, making it better It is suitable for the living of human beings and life as well as the living things in nature, and eliminating the unfavorable factors that destroy the environment and endanger the life and survival of human beings.
The problems to be solved by environmental protection generally include two aspects. One is to protect and improve the quality of the environment, protect the physical and mental health of human beings, prevent the body from mutating and degrading under the influence of the environment, and secondly, make rational use of natural resources to reduce or eliminate harmful Material access to the environment and the restoration and expansion of natural resources (including biological resources) for the benefit of human life activities.

Sun, Zhude
February 27, 2018

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