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Xu Qing: Do not easily forcibly demolish the houses of ordinary people
Date: 3/3/2018 3:43:12 PM Sender: Xu Qing
Xu Qing: Do not easily forcibly demolish the houses of ordinary people
Xu Qing (Xu,Qing)
A villager’s house in Chongqing’s Renhe Street, Zhongguang Village, was demolished on January 2 by demolition personnel employed by the authorities.
Li Guoqun, who was demolished in the house, told reporters that 30 to 50 men broke into her house, carried away her mother, and razed the house to the ground. All her supplies and money were buried in the rubble.
Li Guoqun, a villager of Group 14 of Zhongguang Street, Renhe Village, Yubei District, Chongqing City, was demolished.
She told Free Asia Radio that her brick house had been demolished six years ago.
At present, the wooden houses of the family of four people living in their homesteads have also been razed to the ground. She said that the local evil forces illegally entered the room and kidnapped her 80-year-old mother and several relatives. "At about 1 o'clock on Tuesday, there were suddenly forty or fifty unidentified people wearing steel helmets and rushing into my house. Wrap my mom in a yellow military coat and carry it out. Then the excavator comes over and destroys all the property and houses in our house and flatten it."
Ms. Wu, who was at the scene at the time, told the reporter that when she came to force Li Guoqun’s housing, she witnessed the scene. "When I was demolishing Li Guoqun's house, I was at her house. Two people came in and looked around and asked Zhao Bing to be away from home. Zhao Bing was Li Guoqun's husband. Her mother said that she was not there. She came to a large group of people and came in. Just broke our phone and started to demolish the house."
A group of demolition personnel used heavy machinery to demolish houses, and the ground was a mess.
The original housing area of ​​Li Guoqun is nearly 180 square meters. She said that her family's requirements for compensation for demolition were not high, and only the other party was required to provide compensation for the original housing area, but it was rejected.
A few months ago, the local government asked Li Guoqun to list the details of the compensation, but after handing it over to the government, it was not.
I think we should find a better way to solve these social crises.

Xu Qing
March 3, 2018

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