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Wang,Yini: Chinese people talk about democracy (1)
Date: 7/27/2018 4:08:22 PM Sender: Wang,Yini
Wang,Yini: Chinese people talk about democracy (1)
It is very interesting to talk about democracy in China. I will share a few paragraphs with you.
Recently, I had a dinner with a friend and talked about the international situation. This gentleman said that if China "one person, one vote", there will be chaos in the world. Democracy is not a good thing.
I remembered that the girl who came back to study in Thailand the previous year and asked about the situation in Thailand, she said that it was a bit messy. Ask again, which one will be chosen for a little bit of democracy and stable autocracy. She bit her lip and meditated, seeing me with no expression, and finally chose to tell the truth: it is still good for democracy.
Mr. Yu, Keping said that “democracy is a good thing”. In the socialist core values announced by the People’s Daily in early 2014, democracy was second only to wealthy and strong, ranking second. The signals it revealed were actually anti-democratic, anti-constitutional, and anti-general. The countercurrent of the world value is denied.
However, what is democracy, there are many different opinions, and the academic circles like to constantly introduce new definitions and try to give new interpretations. In fact, democracy is a way of life.
My family, when the child is 3 years old, the whole family chooses to go there to play on the weekend. If the opinions are different, vote by hand. Nowadays, habits have been formed. There are also side effects, that is, whenever I order a child, he will say out loud, "Why do you order me, can you say no?"
This is democracy.
Democracy needs to start from the doll, let him dare to express his opinions, and understand compromise and tolerance when he has different choices from people around him.
Do you understand?

July 27, 2018

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