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Wang,Yini: Chinese people talk about democracy (3)
Date: 8/21/2018 12:03:01 PM Sender: Wang,Yini
Wang,Yini: Chinese people talk about democracy (3)

It is very interesting to talk about democracy in China. I will share a few paragraphs with you.
Democracy is not that simple, but it is not a terrible monster in the legend.
The quality of the people is too low to be established. In the Yan'an era, farmers can use the soybeans to vote. Never ignore the wisdom of grassroots people. The geographical differences are too big to be established. Democracy is an important means for the central and local governments to achieve a balanced and stable relationship. Democracy certainly does not mean street politics. And taking the oath of the street to swear by one's own point of view does not mean chaos. Some national parliament's big hits are for people to see, which is much better than the black-box operation. As for one person, one vote, it is a simplified understanding of democracy. Democracy does not mean one person, one vote, like the United States, it is a combination of state power (the Senate) and civil rights (the House of Representatives).
There is no doubt that there will always be bribery in democracy.
However, democracy is more just than the hereditary, superior appointment, and gun-decision leaders.
Even if he chooses to go to an idiot by bribery, he is willing to do some good deeds for the electorate.
Democracy requires some supporting conditions, such as judicial independence, freedom of speech, independence of education, and private property. I am talking about this in the gap. Mr. Wu Jiaxiang criticized that democracy, like swimming, is a learning process, rather than throwing people into the water to make him drown. Some conditions can be cultivated in the democratic process.
My friend Zhang, Wenxiong has a book called "Democracy is not talking about playing", which coincides with the meaning of Mr. Wu Jiaxiang.
Since democracy is a way of life, we may wish to practice in every detail and fight for it.
Because democracy in any country is vying, not waiting.
The words of democracy talked a lot, but did not talk about the true meaning of democracy.

August 21, 2018


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