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Jianhua Sun: China’s Newspaper Cannot Become Inter
Date: 6/27/2006 10:03:22 AM Sender: Jianhua Sun

                                 Jianhua Sun: China’s Newspaper Cannot Become International Media

      China’s reform and opening policy has brought a huge change in economy and society. Yet, the press and media’s reform are the slowest. All kinds of newspapers are still CCP’s tool to manipulate public opinions and cannot stretch beyond that. Therefore, China’s newspaper cannot become international media.

      Under China’s current press system, newspaper is still to be considered as the tool for CCP’s agitprop. This is the main function of newspaper. China’s newspaper has no room for journalists to express their opinions freely regarding to national or international affairs. In this regard, China’s newspaper is not a symbolic product or an authoritative resource.

Jianhua Sun

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