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[B]Commemorating Hu Yaobang, vindicating June 4 injustice[/B]

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EventsandActions 发表人 Date
Welcome to read the 55th issue of “China Democracy Journal” CDP 2011-9-10
Strongly protest CCP persecuted the member of CDP Mr. Li, Wangyang CDP 2011-9-6
China Democracy Party awarded party emblems and flags to new members CDP 2011-8-31
Congratulations on the member of CDP--Lv,Gengsong’s releasing and back with his ... CDP 2011-8-30
Welcome to read the 54th issue of “China Democracy Journal” CDP 2011-8-26
Welcome Chengren to join China Democracy Party (CDP) CDP 2011-8-12
Thanks Letter about Wang, Jun’s help to Li, Wangyang and some other China Democr... CDP 2011-8-12
The presentation of “Where would China go” was held by Wang, Dan in Flushing NY CDP 2011-8-6
Strongly request Chinese military to be nationalized CDP 2011-8-3
China Democracy Party (CDP) solemnly mourning for the victims of July 23rd high-... CDP 2011-7-29
Protest against CCP’s obstruction of overseas donations to democracy activists i... CDP 2011-7-26
Welcome Zhang, Yong to join China Democracy Party (CDP) CDP 2011-7-21
The rally of Oppose Violence! Stop Persecution! held in front of U.S. Capitol CDP 2011-7-16
The rally of Strongly request to establish a voted government in China held in f... CDP 2011-7-16
China Democracy Party (CDP) was invited to attend the grand rally of Disintegrat... CDP 2011-7-16
Invitation to Speak at July 15th (Friday) Rally and Grand March CDP 2011-7-12
Welcome to read the 51st issue of China Democracy Journal CDP 2011-7-9
The rally of Strongly request a voted government to be established in China in f... CDP 2011-7-5
The Rally of Strongly request the voted government to be established in China CDP 2011-7-5
Strongly protest against Chinese communist government’s violent suppression of p... CDP 2011-6-28
Welcome to read the 50th issue of “China Democracy Journal” China Democracy Journal 2011-6-25
China Human Rights Miles Team visited “China Democracy Journal” China Democracy Journal 2011-6-18
Welcome Minxin to join China Democracy Party CDP 2011-6-18
Welcome Zhou, Zhaowen to join China Democracy Party CDP 2011-6-16
Welcome Yi, Ren to join China Democracy Party CDP 2011-6-16
Ni, Yanzhu donated money to a China Democracy Party member who was jailed in Chi... CDP 2011-6-11
Invitation Letter from Community Prevention Annual BBQ Meeting CDP 2011-6-11
Strongly request the Chinese Communist government to safeguard food safety CDP 2011-6-7
22nd Commemoration of June 4th Massacre held in Boston CDP 2011-6-6
Photos: Democracy movement organizations and groups gathered in front of United ... CDP 2011-6-6
22nd Commemoration of June 4th students’ demonstrations in 1989 by NY democracy ... CDP 2011-6-3
China Democracy Party member Zhao, Jun made the reports and photos of the democr... CDP 2011-6-3
22nd Commemoration of June 4th Demonstrations in Tian’anman Square in 1989 CDP 2011-6-2
Invitation Letter of Tiananmen Square Commemoratio Rally from Initiatives for Ch... CDP 2011-5-31
Invitation Letter from Harvard Univeristy for June 4th Memorial in Harvard Yench... CDP 2011-5-29
China Democracy Party Chairman WANG, Jun’s Speech on the 17th Commemoration of V... CDP 2011-5-18
Representatives from Tibetan Youth Congress visited the service center at China ... CDP 2011-5-16
The first donation of US$1,050 for China Democracy Party member Li, Wangyang(李旺阳... CDP 2011-5-14
Descriptions of China Democracy Party Flag’s New Design CDP 2011-5-14
Rally of “Strongly Request the Chinese government to stop persecuting dissidents... CDP 2011-5-13
Chairman Wang, Jun attended 17th Commemoration of Vietnam Human Rights Day at U.... CDP 2011-5-12
Martha Flores-Vazquez,the Community Prevention Alternatives leader visited China... CDP 2011-5-6
Community Prevention Alternatives held a memorial for Thomas Shanis died from vi... CDP 2011-5-5
China Democracy Party (CDP) members Zhang, Hongqing, Piao, Jinyu and Li, Chengme... CDP 2011-5-3
Strongly Request Chinese Communist’s Party’sImmediate Release of Dissent Mr. Ai,... CDP 2011-5-3
The Meeting of The Solutions of Family Violence and People Trafficking CDP 2011-5-2
Strong Protest Against Chinese Communist Party’s Arrest of China Democracy Party... CDP 2011-4-26
Falungong Solemnly Celebrated the 12th Anniversary of April 25th Peace Petition CDP 2011-4-23
Important notice: <Speak out on major domestic violence/human trafficking eve... CDP 2011-4-21
Important notice: participation of the large assembly of quit of Chinese Communi... CDP 2011-4-21
China Social Democracy Party committee members visited the China Democracy Journ... CDP 2011-4-18
Chen,Shuqing: The Chinese Communist Party authority must treat Zhu Yufu, Wei Shu... Chen,Shuqing 2011-4-16
Congratulates Mr.Tang, Baiqiao’s English autobiography CDP 2011-4-16
Welcome to read the 45th issue “the Chinese Democratic Journal” CDP 2011-4-12
CDP members gather in front of the Congress in Washington CDP 2011-4-7
Political Assembly in front of the White House in Washington CDP 2011-4-7
The CDP members went to DC to attend the opening ceremony of Labor Museum CDP 2011-4-7
A Rally hold in front of Chinese Embassy in Washington CDP 2011-4-7
Chinese Consulate: Establishing a Multi-Party System CDP 2011-4-5
Seminar of “Speak out on major domestic violence/human trafficking event” CDP 2011-3-29
Rally of “Strongly protest CCP heavily sentenced CDP member Mr. Liu,Xianbin” CDP 2011-3-29
Supporting 900,000,00 people quitting Chinese Communist Party CDP 2011-3-28
BBC:China activist Liu Xianbin jailed for 10 years BBC 2011-3-25
Chinese activist Liu Xianbin sentenced to 10 years in prison for writing article... 2011-3-25
China Sentences Democracy Activist to 10 Years China Digital Times 2011-3-25
Chinese activist Liu Xianbin sentenced to another 10 years in prison Worldpress 2011-3-25
Speak out on Major Domestic Violence/Human Trafficking Event Women’s History Mon... CDP 2011-3-17
Seminar of Middle East situation and “Jasmine flower revolution” in China CDP 2011-3-1
Strongly support democratic pursuit of “Jasmine Flower revolution” in China! CDP 2011-3-1
China must carry out democracy, freedom, human rights, and rule of law CDP 2011-2-22
Chairman Wang,Jun was invited to attend the birthday party of district leader Ma... CDP 2011-2-18
Welcome Zhang,Qin to join China Democracy Party CDP 2011-2-17
Chairman Wang,Jun attended “An Evening in Honor of International Holocaust Reme... CDP 2011-2-16
Influence of successful Egypt revolution on China CDP 2011-2-15
Press release from Martha Flores-Vazquez CDP 2011-2-15
Notice of Invitation for interviews CDP 2011-2-14
Group pictures: 2011 New Year parade of Asian people in New York CDP 2011-2-12
“China Democracy Journal” box was damaged again CDP 2011-2-9
Welcome Yang,Liushu to join China Democracy Party CDP 2011-2-8
Welcome Zhang,Yuan to join China Democracy Party CDP 2011-2-8
Group pictures: 2011 New Year celebration of China Democracy Party CDP 2011-2-5
Congressman Frank Wolf wrote to chairman Wang,Jun CDP 2011-2-5
Vietnam magazine published China Democracy Party led by chairman Wang,Jun attend... CDP 2011-2-5
Paying a New Year call to CDP members, dissidents, religious people and their fa... CDP 2011-2-1
CDP member Jiang,Xiaoping donated to CDP member Li,Hong’s wife Dong,Min CDP 2011-1-28
Chairman Wang,Jun calls on the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to f... Wang,Jun 2011-1-27
Chairman Wang,Jun calls on the U.S. President Obama to pay attention to CDP memb... Wang,Jun 2011-1-27
Remarks by the President in State of the Union Address 2011-1-26
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