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[B]Commemorating Hu Yaobang, vindicating June 4 injustice[/B]

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EventsandActions 发表人 Date
Strong Protest against the Chinese Communist government persecutes China Democra... CDP 2012-6-27
Publishing the IP Addresses that Attacked the Website of China Democracy Party W... CDP 2012-6-13
Pictures of China Democrat Li, Wangyang in His Suicide Scene CDP 2012-6-8
In Memory of China Democrat Mr. LI, Wangyang CDP 2012-6-8
The Seminar of Commemorating the 23rd Anniversary of 1989 Tiananmen Square Massa... CDP 2012-6-6
Congratulations on the China Democrat Mr. Hu, Mingjun’s Release from Prison CDP 2012-6-6
The President of the Tibetan Youth Congress of New York, Cheden Adetsang, Visite... CDP 2012-6-2
Meet the ‘Real District Leader’ of Flushing Queens politics 2012-6-1
The articles Democrats in China sent to the rally of 23rd Annual Commemoration o... CDP 2012-5-31
The Rally of 23rd Annual Commemoration of 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre CDP 2012-5-30
A Newspaper Box of China Democracy Journal was Set on Fire CDP 2012-5-24
Jun Wang attended the birthday reception of Cheden Adetsang--the president of Ti... CDP 2012-5-15
China Democracy Party Chairman Jun Wang Attended “18th Vietnam Human Rights Day”... CDP 2012-5-12
The volunteers of China Democracy Journal check and clean newspaper boxes CDP 2012-5-5
In memory of one of the co-founders of China Democracy Party-Mr. Donghai Wang CDP 2012-5-5
Strong Protest against the Chinese Communist Government’s Persecution over Guang... CDP 2012-5-1
Strong Protest against the CDP Member Mingkai Xue’s Heavy Sentence from the Chin... CDP 2012-4-24
Grieve For the Death of Mr. Lizhi Fang, a World-Renowned Pro-Democracy Forerunne... CDP 2012-4-13
A Brief Introduction of Mr. Lizhi Fang, a World-Renowned Pro-Democracy Forerunne... CDP 2012-4-12
Oppose to China Communist Regime’s Stirring up Inside Conflicts among Political ... CDP 2012-4-3
The Democratic Movements Predecessors Focus on Yuhua Tang Case and Xilai Bo Even... CDP 2012-3-30
A Seminar about “the Background to the Yuhua Tang Case and the Xilai Bo Even” CDP 2012-3-27
Uncompromisingly Support to the Tibetan Compatriots’ Fight for Human Rights and ... CDP 2012-3-27
Video:Chairman Jun Wang Attended the Senior Representatives Meeting Held by the ... CDP 2012-3-26
China’s“Two Conferences”don’t represent the Chinese people Wang, Jun 2012-3-17
The Spring Season of 2012 Flushing Community Job Fair & Career Exposition He... CDP 2012-3-16
Chairman Jun Wang Attended the Senior Representatives Meeting Held by the United... CDP 2012-3-9
Rally of “Strongly demand democratic elections in China” CDP 2012-3-6
Call on the United Nations to pay attention to the CDP member Chen, Shuqing who ... CDP 2012-2-29
Strongly protest that Chinese Communist Party arrested China Democracy Party mem... CDP 2012-2-28
Wang, Jun was invited to join New York community’s leader Martha’s Birthday Part... CDP 2012-2-27
Wang, Jun called on President Barack Obama to pay attention to Zhu, Yufu in fron... CDP 2012-2-22
Protest that the Chinese Communist government severely sentenced CDP member Mr. ... CDP 2012-2-21
China Democracy Party members gathered in front of the United States Capitol cal... CDP 2012-2-21
Welcome to the New York community leader Martha’s birthday party CDP 2012-2-18
Famous law professor Yuan, Hongbing visit “China Democracy Journal”editorial dep... CDP 2012-2-17
Wang, Jun attend “don’t forget the 1958-1962 famine 50 anniversary” meeting in W... CDP 2012-2-16
Chairman of China Democracy Party,Wang,Jun presented announce about Mr Zhu, Yufu... CDP 2012-2-10
Welcome everyone to read the 65th issue of <China Democracy Journal> CDJ 2012-2-10
Protest strongly to against that Communist Party of China illegally trialed Chin... CDP 2012-2-7
Surprising News: Chinese communist special agents attempted to assassinate Chair... CDP 2012-2-2
Express New Year wishes to the China Democracy Party members and their families ... CDP 2012-2-1
The Decision of Expelling Qiu, Gengmin from China Democracy Party CDP 2012-1-31
China Democracy party organization department publish CDP 2012-1-31
Welcome to read the 64th issue of <China Democracy Journal> CDP 2012-1-31
Chairman Wang,Jun of CDP replies to U.S. congressman Wolf’s letter CDP 2012-1-21
Tian,Yongzhe and Jia,Yu Donates Money to CDP Member jailed in China CDP 2012-1-16
Wu Kan village pursuit of democracy and freedom CDP 2012-1-9
Strongly support the Wu Kan village democracy and freedom for the people ‘s righ... CDP 2012-1-9
Shenyun’s 2012 Promotion in NY, US CDP 2011-12-27
Protest on Chinese Communist Party Hinder China Democracy Party Members to Dona... CDP 2011-12-27
Strong Demand on Chinese Government’s crackdown on Corrupting Officials of CCP CDP 2011-12-7
All points bulletin of CCP spies CDP 2011-12-2
Wang, Jun: From rights movements to democratic China Wang, Jun 2011-12-2
Strongly protest CCP arresting CDP member Qin, Yongmin again CDP 2011-11-29
Appoint Mr. Jin, Zhushan as organization department minister of China Democracy ... CDP 2011-11-29
Welcome to read the 60th issue of “China Democracy Journal” CDJ 2011-11-23
Rally of “Democracy, freedom, human rights and laws must be realized in China” h... CDP 2011-11-23
Rally of “Warm congratulations on Libya’s farewell to autocracy and stepping tow... CDP 2011-11-23
Rally of “Warm congratulations on Libya’s stepping towards democracy and freedom... CDP 2011-11-23
China Democracy Party member Mr. Qin, Yongmin was arrested CDP 2011-11-18
No.1 group of citizen-candidates in Beijing went to state council for administra... Qin, Yongmin 2011-11-15
Welcome to read the 59th issue of “China Democracy Journal” CDJ 2011-11-7
Qin, Yongmin: Three tendencies of domestic dissidents’petitioning and protesting Qin,Yongmin 2011-11-4
Warm congratulations on Libya’s farewell to autocracy and stepping towards democ... CDP 2011-11-1
Seminar of “Congratulations on Libya’s democracy” CDP 2011-10-25
Donate to CDP member Wang, Sen(王森) suffering diabetes CDP 2011-10-25
Welcome to read the 58th issue of “China Democracy Journal” CDJ 2011-10-22
Rally and parade of appealing 104 million Chinese warriors to quit CCP, CYL and ... CDP 2011-10-17
Important notice CDP 2011-10-14
Chairman Wang, Jun’s appealing to donate to CDP member Wang, Sen suffering diabe... CDP 2011-10-13
One of the founders of CDP in Hunan-Bai, Xiaomao’s out of prison Qin, Yongmin 2011-10-10
Welcome to read the 57th issue of “China Democracy Journal” CDJ 2011-10-8
Welcome Xu, Yuan to join China Democracy Party CDP 2011-10-5
Multi-party democracy political system must be implemented in China CDP 2011-10-4
Manager of Burma Relief Jeremy Taylor visits the office of “China Democracy Jour... CDP 2011-10-3
Contribution to Against Hunger Rosa Antonelli 2011-9-29
Firmly support CDP member He, Depu’s advocating democratic election in China CDP 2011-9-27
Welcome to read the 56th issue of “China Democracy Journal” CDJ 2011-9-23
Qin, Yongmin: “Extra”(No.5) of electing news of the candidates in Beijing Qin, Yongmin 2011-9-22
CDP Chairman Wang, Jun participated in the ball fundraiser for refugee boys held... CDP 2011-9-20
Mourning CDP member Mr. Li, Lin CDP 2011-9-16
Wu, Xiuhang donated to CDP members persecuted in China CDP 2011-9-14
Notice CDP 2011-9-14
CDP member He, Depu provides seven photos of election CDP 2011-9-12
CDP Chairman Wang, Jun greet people in motherland on Mid-autumn Festival CDP 2011-9-12
CDP Chairman Wang, Jun appeals Chinese abroad to donate to Burmese refugee boys ... CDP 2011-9-12
Memorizing 10th Anniversary of “9/11” CDP 2011-9-10
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